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Dividend Details

You can view the list of companies which have declared dividend recently.
Company NameAnnc. DateDividend
Record DateBook Closure
Book Closure
Ex. Dividend
Porwal Auto Comp 19-09-2017Final 5.00--22-09-201728-09-201728-09-2017
Kanchi Karpooram 13-09-2017Final 15.00--21-09-201728-09-201728-09-2017
Kridhan Infra 12-09-2017Final 10.00--22-09-201729-09-201729-09-2017
Pee Cee Cosma 12-09-2017Final 25.00--23-09-201727-09-201727-09-2017
Nandan Denim 11-09-2017Final 16.00--23-09-201729-09-201729-09-2017
Capital Trade Links 08-09-2017Final 7.50--22-09-201728-09-201728-09-2017
KMS Medisurgi 08-09-2017Final 0.50--23-09-201730-09-201730-09-2017
Relstruct Buildcon 07-09-2017Final 0.50--23-09-201729-09-201729-09-2017
Shardul Securities L 07-09-2017Final 6.00--23-09-201728-09-201728-09-2017
Sri KPR Industries 07-09-2017Final 10.00--23-09-201729-09-201729-09-2017
Super Crop Safe 07-09-2017Final 7.00--19-09-201725-09-201725-09-2017
BDH Industries 06-09-2017Final 20.00--21-09-201727-09-201727-09-2017
Jindal Worldwide 06-09-2017Final 5.00--21-09-201727-09-201727-09-2017
Marvel Vinyls Li 06-09-2017Final 10.00--23-09-201727-09-201727-09-2017
National Fertilizers 06-09-2017Final 8.50--21-09-201727-09-201727-09-2017
CIL Securities L 05-09-2017Final 5.0022-09-2017------
Ganesha Ecosphere 05-09-2017Final 12.00--19-09-201725-09-201725-09-2017
Pearl Global Industr 05-09-2017Final 30.00--22-09-201728-09-201728-09-2017
Ugar Sugar Works 05-09-2017Final 20.00--18-09-201725-09-201725-09-2017
United Drilling Tool 05-09-2017Final 12.00--18-09-201725-09-201725-09-2017
Captain Polyplast L 04-09-2017Final 2.00--15-09-201721-09-201721-09-2017
CHD Chemicals Ltd. 04-09-2017Final 1.00--23-09-201729-09-201729-09-2017
Jindal Drilling 04-09-2017Final 10.00--14-09-201719-09-201719-09-2017
Prithvi Exchange 04-09-2017Final 5.00--14-09-201721-09-201721-09-2017
R J Shah & Co. 04-09-2017Final 100.00--15-09-201726-09-201726-09-2017
Sterling Tools L 04-09-2017Interim 50.00--15-09-201728-09-201728-09-2017
Virat Crane Indu 04-09-2017Final 5.00--23-09-201729-09-201729-09-2017
Choksi Imaging 01-09-2017Final 7.50--16-09-201723-09-201723-09-2017
Multiplus Holdings L 01-09-2017Final 2.00--21-09-201723-09-201723-09-2017
Orissa Minerals Deve 01-09-2017Final 146.00--09-09-201715-09-201715-09-2017
Alpine Hous.Dev. 31-08-2017Final 5.00--19-09-201725-09-201725-09-2017
Amarjothi Spg.Mi 31-08-2017Final 20.00--19-09-201725-09-201725-09-2017
CG-VAK Software 31-08-2017Final 5.00--19-09-201725-09-201725-09-2017
Kallam Spinning 31-08-2017Final 10.00--23-09-201729-09-201729-09-2017
Narmada Gelatines Lt 31-08-2017Final 40.00--14-09-201720-09-201720-09-2017
Rai Saheb Rekhchand 31-08-2017Final 1.00--20-09-201727-09-201727-09-2017
Rasoi Ltd. 31-08-2017Final 10.00--19-09-201725-09-201725-09-2017
Gillette India Ltd. 30-08-2017Final 100.00--08-11-201715-11-201715-11-2017
Inter Globe Fin. 30-08-2017Final 5.00--20-09-201726-09-201726-09-2017
National Steel and A 30-08-2017Interim 5.00--14-09-201721-09-201721-09-2017
P&G Hygiene&Health 30-08-2017Final 270.00--09-11-201716-11-201716-11-2017
Zenlabs Ethica 30-08-2017Final 2.50--22-09-201729-09-201729-09-2017
LancorHoldings Ltd 29-08-2017Final 10.00--16-09-201722-09-201722-09-2017
West Leisure Resorts 29-08-2017Final 1.00--26-09-201727-09-201727-09-2017
Kamadgiri Fashion 28-08-2017Final 15.0012-09-2017------
Kilpest India Lt 28-08-2017Final 3.00--19-09-201725-09-201725-09-2017
Manaksia Ltd. 28-08-2017Interim 150.0008-09-2017------
NIIT Technologies 28-08-2017Final 125.00--16-09-201722-09-201722-09-2017
Shree Ajit Pulp 28-08-2017Final 7.50--18-09-201727-09-201727-09-2017
BCL Industries & Inf 24-08-2017Final 10.00--17-09-201723-09-201723-09-2017
CARE Ratings 24-08-2017Interim 60.0006-09-2017------
Castrol India 24-08-2017Interim 90.0006-09-2017------
J L Morison (India) 24-08-2017Final 10.00--19-09-201725-09-201725-09-2017
Lambodhara Texti 24-08-2017Final 20.00--16-09-201722-09-201722-09-2017
Prime Customer Serv 24-08-2017Final 2.00--23-09-201729-09-201729-09-2017
Zen Technologies Ltd 24-08-2017Final 15.00--21-09-201728-09-201728-09-2017
Cineline India 23-08-2017Final 10.0012-09-2017------
Dwitiya Trading 23-08-2017Final 1.00--19-09-201725-09-201725-09-2017
Maheshwari Logist 23-08-2017Interim 5.0006-09-2017------
Premier Polyfilm 23-08-2017Final 10.00--21-09-201727-09-201727-09-2017
Shilp Gravures L 23-08-2017Final 15.00--16-09-201723-09-201723-09-2017
Southern Gas 23-08-2017Final 35.00--20-09-201726-09-201726-09-2017
Centrum Capital 22-08-2017Interim 5.0008-09-2017------
Dynemic Products 22-08-2017Final 15.00--14-09-201723-09-201723-09-2017
Kiran Vyapar 22-08-2017Final 25.00--08-09-201714-09-201714-09-2017
Mayur Uniquoters 22-08-2017Interim 10.0002-09-2017------
B&A Ltd. 21-08-2017Final 30.0008-09-2017------
Orient Cement Ltd. 21-08-2017Final 50.00--18-09-201723-09-201723-09-2017
Pokarna Ltd. 21-08-2017Final 30.00--12-09-201718-09-201718-09-2017
Shri Keshav Cements 21-08-2017Final 10.00--22-09-201728-09-201728-09-2017
South India Pape 21-08-2017Final 15.00--01-09-201730-09-201730-09-2017
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