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Closed Issues

You can view various company's IPO Closed Issue Details.
Company NameIssue TypeOffer Price (  )Issue OpenIssue Close
Shankar Lal Rampal Public Issue 45.0012/12/201814/12/2018
DRS Dilip Roadlines Public Issue 75.0027/11/201830/11/2018
Diksha Greens Public Issue 30.0026/11/201828/11/2018
Shubhlaxmi Jewel Art Public Issue 26.0022/11/201827/11/2018
ICL Multitrading Public Issue 85.0019/11/201822/11/2018
Roni Households Public Issue 20.0019/11/201822/11/2018
Shree Krishna Infras Public Cum Offer for Sale 13.0015/11/201822/11/2018
Ultra Wiring Connect Public Issue 45.0012/10/201817/10/2018
IRIS Clothings Public Issue 90.0010/10/201812/10/2018
BCPL Railway Infrast Public Cum Offer for Sale 35.0005/10/201811/10/2018
S M Gold Public Issue 30.0003/10/201810/10/2018
Veeram Infra Enginee Public Issue 51.0028/09/201808/10/2018
B&B Triplewall Conta Public Issue 36.0028/09/201805/10/2018
Shubham Polyspin Public Issue 40.0028/09/201804/10/2018
Aki India Public Issue 11.0028/09/201803/10/2018
Dinesh Engineers Public Issue 185.0028/09/201803/10/2018
Marine Electricals Public Issue 66.0028/09/201803/10/2018
Silgo Retail Public Issue 36.0027/09/201803/10/2018
Sun Retail Public Issue 23.0027/09/201803/10/2018
Vinny Overseas Public Issue 40.0028/09/201803/10/2018
A-1 Acid Public Issue 60.0025/09/201801/10/2018
Dolfin Rubbers Public Issue 26.0027/09/201801/10/2018
Garden Reach Ship Public Cum Offer for Sale 118.0024/09/201801/10/2018
Kritika Wires Public Issue 32.0026/09/201801/10/2018
Parin Furniture Public Issue 63.0026/09/201828/09/2018
Aavas Financiers Public Cum Offer for Sale 821.0025/09/201827/09/2018
Kshitij Polyline Public Issue 35.0021/09/201827/09/2018
Rajnandini Metal Public Issue 26.0024/09/201827/09/2018
Innovative Ideals Public Issue 46.0024/09/201826/09/2018
MAC Hotels Public Cum Offer for Sale 24.0019/09/201825/09/2018
Manorama Industries Public Issue 188.0021/09/201825/09/2018
Sky Gold Public Issue 180.0018/09/201821/09/2018
Spectrum Electrical Public Issue 65.0017/09/201821/09/2018
Ircon Internatio Public Cum Offer for Sale 475.0017/09/201819/09/2018
Ahlada Engineers Public Issue 150.0011/09/201818/09/2018
Ranjeet Mechatronics Public Issue 25.0012/09/201817/09/2018
AKG Exim Ltd. Public Issue 31.0010/09/201814/09/2018
Rajshree Polypack Public Issue 121.0010/09/201812/09/2018
Lagnam Spintex Public Issue 41.0004/09/201807/09/2018
Synergy Green Ind Public Issue 70.0004/09/201807/09/2018
Sumit Woods Public Issue 45.0029/08/201831/08/2018
Add-Shop Promotions Public Issue 26.0021/08/201830/08/2018
Marshall Machines Public Issue 42.0028/08/201830/08/2018
Supreme Engineering Public Cum Offer for Sale 32.0024/08/201829/08/2018
Aaron Industries Public Issue 38.0020/08/201824/08/2018
Dangee Dums Public Issue 74.0020/08/201824/08/2018
Powerful Technologie Public Issue 51.0009/08/201814/08/2018
Sungold Media and En Public Issue 10.0009/08/201814/08/2018
Deep Polymers Public Cum Offer for Sale 40.0008/08/201813/08/2018
CreditAccess Grameen Public Cum Offer for Sale 422.0008/08/201810/08/2018
Saketh Exim Public Cum Offer for Sale 69.0001/08/201803/08/2018
Salebhai Internet Public Issue 105.0027/07/201802/08/2018
HDFC AMC Public Issue 1100.0025/07/201827/07/2018
Ushanti Colour Chem Public Issue 60.0023/07/201825/07/2018
Supershakti Metaliks Public Cum Offer for Sale 375.0017/07/201820/07/2018
TCNS Clothing Public Cum Offer for Sale 716.0018/07/201820/07/2018
Avon Moldplast Public Issue 51.0012/07/201818/07/2018
Ganesh Films India Public Issue 80.0016/07/201818/07/2018
Ambani Organics Public Cum Offer for Sale 66.0006/07/201810/07/2018
Raw Edge Industrial Public Cum Offer for Sale 72.0005/07/201810/07/2018
Rudrabhishek Enterpr Public Issue 41.0029/06/201805/07/2018
Ganga Forging Public Issue 21.0029/06/201803/07/2018
Jakharia Fabric Public Issue 180.0029/06/201803/07/2018
Bright Solar Public Issue 36.0026/06/201829/06/2018
Varroc Engineering Public Cum Offer for Sale 967.0026/06/201828/06/2018
Rajnish Wellness Public Issue 95.0025/06/201827/06/2018
Fine Organic Indus Public Cum Offer for Sale 783.0020/06/201822/06/2018
Rites Ltd. Public Cum Offer for Sale 185.0020/06/201822/06/2018
Accuracy Shipping Public Issue 84.0011/06/201814/06/2018
Priti International Public Issue 75.0011/06/201813/06/2018
Shreeoswal Seeds Public Issue 26.0007/06/201812/06/2018
Sonam Clock Public Issue 36.0001/06/201806/06/2018
Waa Solar Public Cum Offer for Sale 161.0031/05/201804/06/2018
Palm Jewels Public Issue 30.0025/05/201801/06/2018
Nakoda Group Of Ind Public Issue 35.0023/05/201829/05/2018
Affordable Robotic Public Issue 85.0024/05/201828/05/2018
Arihant Institute Public Issue 30.0023/05/201828/05/2018
Debock Sales & Mktg Public Issue 20.0024/05/201828/05/2018
Latteys Industries Public Issue 66.0023/05/201828/05/2018
Sorich Foils Public Issue 16.0024/05/201828/05/2018
Shree Vasu Logistics Public Issue 45.0023/05/201825/05/2018
Suumaya Lifestyle Public Cum Offer for Sale 18.0022/05/201825/05/2018
Sirca Paints India Public Issue 160.0016/05/201822/05/2018
Innovators Facade Sy Public Issue 72.0014/05/201816/05/2018
Megastar Foods Public Issue 30.0014/05/201816/05/2018
U H Zaveri Public Issue 36.0008/05/201814/05/2018
Five Core Electronic Public Issue 140.0009/05/201811/05/2018
Indostar Capital Fin Public Cum Offer for Sale 572.0009/05/201811/05/2018
Milestone Furniture Public Issue 45.0007/05/201811/05/2018
E2E Networks Public Cum Offer for Sale 57.0003/05/201807/05/2018
Akshar Spintex Public Cum Offer for Sale 40.0027/04/201803/05/2018
Godha Cabcon & Insul Public Issue 33.0027/04/201803/05/2018
Indo Us Bio-Tech Public Issue 51.0030/04/201803/05/2018
SoftTech Engineers Public Cum Offer for Sale 80.0027/04/201803/05/2018
Dhruv Consultancy Public Issue 54.0027/04/201802/05/2018
Dr. Lalchandani Labs Public Issue 30.0025/04/201827/04/2018
Aakash Exploration Public Issue 56.0017/04/201819/04/2018
Mahickra Chemicals Public Issue 25.0016/04/201818/04/2018
Bombay Super Hybrid Public Issue 60.0012/04/201817/04/2018
Garv Industries Public Issue 10.0012/04/201817/04/2018
Narmada Agrobase Public Issue 32.0028/03/201811/04/2018
Power & Instrument Public Issue 33.0011/04/201811/04/2018
SS Infrastructure Public Issue 40.0028/03/201805/04/2018
MMP Industries Ltd. Public Issue 188.0028/03/201804/04/2018
Soni Soya Products Public Issue 25.0028/03/201804/04/2018
Vera Synthetic Public Issue 40.0028/03/201804/04/2018
AVG Logistics Public Issue 107.0028/03/201803/04/2018
Lemon Tree Hotels Public Cum Offer for Sale 56.0026/03/201828/03/2018
Penta Gold Public Issue 37.0023/03/201827/03/2018
Taylormade Renewable Public Issue 35.0022/03/201827/03/2018
ICICI Securities Public Cum Offer for Sale 520.0022/03/201826/03/2018
Orissa Bengal Carrie Public Issue 30.0022/03/201826/03/2018
Continental Seeds Public Issue 26.0021/03/201823/03/2018
Kapston Facilities Public Cum Offer for Sale 92.0021/03/201823/03/2018
Mishra Dhatu Nig Public Cum Offer for Sale 90.0021/03/201823/03/2018
Benara Bearings Public Issue 63.0020/03/201822/03/2018
Giriraj Civil Devolp Public Cum Offer for Sale 100.0019/03/201821/03/2018
Karda Constructions Public Cum Offer for Sale 180.0016/03/201821/03/2018
Mittal Life Style Public Issue 21.0019/03/201821/03/2018
Sandhar Technologies Public Cum Offer for Sale 332.0019/03/201821/03/2018
Yasho Industries Public Cum Offer for Sale 100.0019/03/201821/03/2018
Hindustan Aeronautic Public Cum Offer for Sale 1240.0016/03/201820/03/2018
Uravi T and Wedge Public Cum Offer for Sale 100.0016/03/201820/03/2018
Bandhan Bank Public Cum Offer for Sale 375.0015/03/201819/03/2018
Advitiya Trade India Public Issue 15.0014/03/201816/03/2018
Lex Nimble Solutions Public Issue 57.0012/03/201816/03/2018
Ridings Consulting Public Issue 18.0014/03/201816/03/2018
Bharat Dynamics Public Cum Offer for Sale 428.0013/03/201815/03/2018
Marvel Decor Public Issue 57.0012/03/201815/03/2018
Active Clothing Co Public Issue 65.0012/03/201814/03/2018
Macpower CNC Machine Public Issue 140.0012/03/201814/03/2018
Shreeshay Engineers Public Issue 15.0009/03/201813/03/2018
Tara Chand Logistic Public Issue 55.0013/03/201813/03/2018
Inflame Appliances Public Issue 54.0006/03/201808/03/2018
East India Sec Public Cum Offer for Sale 920.0005/03/201807/03/2018
Sarveshwar Foods Public Issue 85.0005/03/201807/03/2018
Uniinfo Telecom Serv Public Issue 55.0005/03/201807/03/2018
HG Infra Engineering Public Cum Offer for Sale 270.0026/02/201828/02/2018
Hindcon Chemicals Public Issue 28.0026/02/201828/02/2018
Angel Fibers Public Cum Offer for Sale 27.0020/02/201823/02/2018
CKP Leisure Public Cum Offer for Sale 30.0021/02/201823/02/2018
Aster DM Healthcare Public Cum Offer for Sale 190.0012/02/201815/02/2018
Arvee Laboratories Public Issue 61.0009/02/201814/02/2018
Bhatia Communication Public Cum Offer for Sale 150.0008/02/201812/02/2018
Tasty Dairy Speciali Public Issue 45.0007/02/201812/02/2018
South West Pinnacle Public Issue 78.0006/02/201808/02/2018
Banka Bioloo Public Issue 115.0005/02/201807/02/2018
Kenvi Jewels Public Issue 36.0002/02/201807/02/2018
Mohini Health & Hygi Public Issue 42.0005/02/201807/02/2018
Sintercom India Public Cum Offer for Sale 65.0005/02/201807/02/2018
Lorenzini Apparels Public Issue 10.0031/01/201806/02/2018
A and M Jumbo Bags L Public Issue 65.0029/01/201802/02/2018
Focus Suites Solutio Public Issue 18.0030/01/201801/02/2018
Galaxy Surfacta. Public Cum Offer for Sale 1480.0029/01/201831/01/2018
Gujarat Hy-Spin Offer for Sale 10.0025/01/201831/01/2018
Medico Remedies Public Cum Offer for Sale 100.0029/01/201831/01/2018
Gautam Gems Public Issue 36.0024/01/201830/01/2018
Vasa Retail & Overse Public Issue 30.0024/01/201829/01/2018
Ashoka Metcast Public Issue 20.0023/01/201825/01/2018
Shree Ram Proteins Public Issue 31.0023/01/201825/01/2018
Solex Energy Public Issue 52.0022/01/201825/01/2018
CRP Risk Management Public Cum Offer for Sale 60.0018/01/201822/01/2018
Amber Enterprises Public Cum Offer for Sale 859.0017/01/201819/01/2018
Newgen Software Tech Public Cum Offer for Sale 245.0016/01/201818/01/2018
Apollo Micro Systems Public Issue 275.0010/01/201812/01/2018
SKS Textiles Public Cum Offer for Sale 150.0009/01/201811/01/2018
Silly Monks Entertai Public Cum Offer for Sale 120.0005/01/201810/01/2018
Jhandewalas Foods Public Issue 55.0029/12/201704/01/2018
Rithwik Facility Man Public Issue 50.0029/12/201703/01/2018
Brand Concepts L Public Issue 45.0029/12/201702/01/2018
Moksh Ornaments Ltd. Public Issue 37.0021/12/201726/12/2017
Ajooni Biotech Ltd. Public Issue 30.0020/12/201722/12/2017
Astron Paper & Board Public Issue 50.0015/12/201720/12/2017
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