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Closed Issues

You can view various company's IPO Closed Issue Details.
Company NameIssue TypeOffer Price (  )Issue OpenIssue Close
ICICI Lombard Gen. Public Cum Offer for Sale 661.0015/09/201719/09/2017
Worth Peripherals Public Issue 43.0015/09/201719/09/2017
Sagar Diamonds Public Issue 45.0014/09/201718/09/2017
Sri Krishna Metcom Public Issue 55.0014/09/201718/09/2017
Capacit'e Infraproje Public Issue 250.0013/09/201715/09/2017 Public Cum Offer for Sale 985.0011/09/201713/09/2017
Bharat Road Network Public Issue 205.0006/09/201708/09/2017
Dixon Technologies Public Cum Offer for Sale 1766.0006/09/201708/09/2017
Manav Infra Projects Public Issue 30.0004/09/201708/09/2017
Nouritrans Exim Public Issue 30.0004/09/201707/09/2017
A & M Febcon Public Issue 18.0001/09/201706/09/2017
Penta Gold L Public Issue 35.0004/09/201706/09/2017
Dhruv Wellness Public Issue 20.0031/08/201704/09/2017
ANG Lifesciences Ind Public Issue 80.0029/08/201731/08/2017
Pashupati Cotspin Public Issue 75.0028/08/201731/08/2017
Shish Industries Public Issue 30.0023/08/201728/08/2017
Apex Frozen Foods Public Cum Offer for Sale 175.0022/08/201724/08/2017
Seven Hills Beverage Public Issue 26.0018/08/201723/08/2017
Geekay Wires Public Issue 33.0009/08/201714/08/2017
Servotech Power Syst Public Issue 31.0009/08/201714/08/2017
Ashok Masala Mart Public Issue 10.0007/08/201711/08/2017
Lexus Granito(India) Public Issue 45.0009/08/201711/08/2017
Vaishali Pharma Public Issue 72.0007/08/201710/08/2017
Cochin Shipyard Public Cum Offer for Sale 432.0001/08/201703/08/2017
Security and Intelli Public Cum Offer for Sale 815.0031/07/201702/08/2017
Surevin BPO Services Public Issue 40.0028/07/201701/08/2017
GlobalSpace Techno Public Issue 66.0026/07/201728/07/2017
Keerti Knowledge Public Issue 52.0024/07/201728/07/2017
Total Transport Sys Public Issue 45.0025/07/201728/07/2017
Shanti Overseas (Ind Public Issue 50.0021/07/201726/07/2017
Captain Technocast Public Cum Offer for Sale40.0020/07/201724/07/2017
Jigar Cables Public Issue 30.0018/07/201720/07/2017
Univastu India Public Issue 40.0014/07/201719/07/2017
Salasar Techno Engin Public Issue 108.0012/07/201717/07/2017
7NR Retail Ltd. Public Issue 27.0005/07/201710/07/2017
Shrenik L Public Issue 40.0006/07/201710/07/2017
G G Engineering Public Issue 20.0030/06/201707/07/2017
Ace Integrated Solut Public Issue 40.0029/06/201705/07/2017
Bansal Multiflex Public Issue 31.0030/06/201704/07/2017
Transwind Infrastruc Public Issue 27.0030/06/201704/07/2017
Gautam Exim Public Issue 40.0029/06/201703/07/2017
Au Small Finance Ban Public Cum Offer for Sale 358.0028/06/201730/06/2017
Pushpanjali Realms Public Issue 55.0027/06/201730/06/2017
Accord Synergy Public Issue 60.0022/06/201728/06/2017
GTPL Hathway Public Cum Offer for Sale 170.0021/06/201723/06/2017
Central Depository Public Cum Offer for Sale 149.0019/06/201721/06/2017
Eris Lifesciences Offer For Sale603.0016/06/201720/06/2017
Tejas Networks Public Cum Offer for Sale 257.0014/06/201716/06/2017
Globe Textiles (Ind Offer for Sale 51.0012/06/201715/06/2017
Riddhi Corp. Service Public Issue 130.0012/06/201715/06/2017
Shri Ram Switchgears Public Issue 19.0025/05/201730/05/2017
Vadivarhe Speciality Offer for Sale 42.0022/05/201725/05/2017
Jalan Transolutions Public Issue 46.0018/05/201723/05/2017
Yug Decor Public Issue 26.0018/05/201723/05/2017
Bhakti Gems and Jewe Public Issue 20.0017/05/201722/05/2017
PSP Projects Public Cum Offer for Sale 210.0017/05/201719/05/2017
HUDCO Offer For Sale60.0008/05/201711/05/2017
Meera Industries Public Issue 36.0027/04/201704/05/2017
Zota Healthcare Public Cum Offer for Sale 125.0027/04/201702/05/2017
CKP Products Public Issue 50.0026/04/201728/04/2017
Pure Giftcarat Public Issue 13.0026/04/201728/04/2017
S Chand & Company Public Cum Offer for Sale 670.0026/04/201728/04/2017
InfoBeans Tech Public Issue 58.0018/04/201721/04/2017
KMS Medisurgi Public Issue 30.0012/04/201717/04/2017
Panache Digilife Public Issue 81.0011/04/201717/04/2017
ASL Industries Public Issue 35.0031/03/201707/04/2017
M K Proteins Public Issue 70.0031/03/201707/04/2017
Sikko Industries Public Issue 32.0005/04/201707/04/2017
Dev Information Tech Public Issue 42.0031/03/201706/04/2017
Escorp Asset Manage Public Issue 15.0031/03/201706/04/2017
Focus Lighting Public Issue 45.0030/03/201705/04/2017
Creative Peripherals Public Issue 75.0029/03/201703/04/2017
Bohra Industries Public Issue 55.0023/03/201727/03/2017
Euro India Fresh Offer for Sale 78.0021/03/201724/03/2017
Octaware Technologie Public Cum Offer for Sale90.0017/03/201724/03/2017
Shankara Building Pr Public Cum Offer for Sale 460.0022/03/201724/03/2017
Prime Customer Serv Public Cum Offer for Sale60.0020/03/201723/03/2017
CL Educate Offer For Sale502.0020/03/201722/03/2017
Laxmi Cotspin Public Issue 20.0017/03/201722/03/2017
Manas Properties Public Cum Offer for Sale360.0017/03/201722/03/2017
Maximus Intl. Public Issue 25.0017/03/201722/03/2017
Oceanic Foods Public Issue 65.0020/03/201722/03/2017
Chemcrux Enterprises Public Issue 18.0015/03/201720/03/2017
Manomay Tex India Public Issue 30.0015/03/201720/03/2017
Relstruct Buildcon Public Issue 50.0016/03/201720/03/2017
Jash Dealmark Public Issue 40.0015/03/201717/03/2017
Sarthak Metals Offer for Sale 30.0010/03/201717/03/2017
Airan Ltd. Public Issue 45.0014/03/201716/03/2017
Avenue Supermarts Public Issue 299.0008/03/201710/03/2017
IFL Enterprises Public Issue 20.0007/03/201710/03/2017
Music Broadcast Public Cum Offer for Sale 333.0006/03/201708/03/2017
Akash Infra-Projects Offer for Sale 125.0028/02/201706/03/2017
RMC Switchgears Offer for Sale 27.0028/02/201703/03/2017
Sanginita Chemicals Public Issue 22.0001/03/201703/03/2017
Nitiraj Engineers Public Issue 100.0020/02/201701/03/2017
Tanvi Foods (India) Public Cum Offer for Sale60.0017/02/201722/02/2017
Global Education Public Issue 150.0016/02/201721/02/2017
Krishana Phoschem Offer for Sale 30.0013/02/201716/02/2017
Steel City Securitie Offer for Sale 55.0006/02/201709/02/2017
Madhav Copper Public Issue 81.0023/01/201727/01/2017
BSE Offer For Sale806.0023/01/201725/01/2017
Super Fine Knitters Public Issue 12.0018/01/201724/01/2017
Maheshwari Logist Public Issue 68.0030/12/201606/01/2017
Libas Designs Public Issue 68.0027/12/201630/12/2016
Prolife Industries Public Issue 38.0027/12/201630/12/2016
Veeram Ornaments Public Issue 45.0023/12/201628/12/2016
Laurus Labs Public Cum Offer for Sale 428.0006/12/201608/12/2016
Aditya Vision Public Issue 15.0028/11/201605/12/2016
Majestic Research Se FPO - Book Building114.0028/11/201605/12/2016
Sheela Foam Offer For Sale730.0029/11/201601/12/2016
Jet Freight Logistic Public Issue 28.0024/11/201628/11/2016
Greensignal Bio Phar Offer For Sale76.0009/11/201622/11/2016
Agro Phos India Public Issue 22.0027/10/201607/11/2016
Varun Beverages Ltd. Public Cum Offer for Sale 445.0026/10/201628/10/2016
PNB Housing Finance Public Issue 775.0025/10/201627/10/2016
Art Nirman Public Issue 25.0030/09/201607/10/2016
Endurance Technologi Offer For Sale472.0005/10/201607/10/2016
Globe Intl. Carriers Public Issue 24.0030/09/201607/10/2016
Aurangabad Distiller Public Issue 35.0030/09/201606/10/2016
Bindal Exports Public Issue 16.0030/09/201606/10/2016
Dhanuka Realty Public Issue 40.0030/09/201606/10/2016
Diksat Transworld L Public Cum Offer for Sale 40.0029/09/201606/10/2016
India Green Reality Public Issue 30.0030/09/201606/10/2016
Mewar Hi-Tech Engine Public Issue 22.0030/09/201606/10/2016
Pansari Developers Public Issue 22.0030/09/201606/10/2016
Shashijit Infraproje Public Issue 15.0030/09/201606/10/2016
Aditya Consumer Mark Public Issue 15.0029/09/201605/10/2016
Gretex Industries Public Cum Offer for Sale 20.0030/09/201605/10/2016
Sakar Healthcare Public Issue 50.0030/09/201605/10/2016
DRA Consultants Public Issue 10.0030/09/201604/10/2016
Valiant Organics Offer for Sale 220.0029/09/201604/10/2016
Nandani Creation Public Issue 28.0028/09/201603/10/2016
Jet Knitwears Public Issue 39.0027/09/201629/09/2016
AVSL Industries Public Issue 36.0015/09/201628/09/2016
HPL Electric & Power Public Issue 202.0022/09/201626/09/2016
ICICI Pru Life Offer For Sale334.0019/09/201621/09/2016
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