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Recent Dividends

Scheme NameDateDividend (%)
InvescoInd MidCap 28/03/201832.50
InvescoInd MidCap DP 28/03/201832.50
LIC Balanced 26/03/20181.00
LIC Balanced DP 26/03/20181.00
LIC G-Sec DP 26/03/20181.50
LIC Bond Fund 26/03/20181.70
BOI AXA EqDebRebalDP 26/03/20182.00
LIC Growth 26/03/20182.25
BOI AXA Equity DP 26/03/20182.50
BOI AXA MidCapEqDebt 26/03/20187.50
BOI AXA MidCapEqDDP 26/03/20187.50
BOI AXA Equity 26/03/201810.00
BOI AXA EqEcoPlan 26/03/201810.00
BOI AXA Equity DP 26/03/201810.00
Reliance EqSavings 26/03/201810.00
Reliance EqSavingsDP 26/03/201810.00
BOI AXA Tax Advan DP 26/03/201815.00
BOI AXA Tax Advan 26/03/201820.00
BOI AXA TaxAdvaEco 26/03/201820.00
BOI AXA MfInfra 26/03/201820.00
JM Arbitrage AdvanDP 26/03/201825.50
AdityaBSL Pure Value 26/03/201849.10
AdityaBSL PureValuDP 26/03/201863.00
Franklin FMPS2 B 23/03/20180.32
Reliance ArbitrageAd 23/03/20182.00
Reliance ArbitraAdDP 23/03/20182.00
Franklin FMPS1 A 23/03/20183.61
Franklin Balanced 23/03/201820.00
Franklin Balanced DP 23/03/201820.00
AdityaBSL Top 100 23/03/201821.00
AdityaBSL IndGenNeDP 23/03/201823.40
AdityaBSL IndGenNext 23/03/201825.70
Kotak EmergingEquity 23/03/201826.74
Kotak Emerging Eq DP 23/03/201826.74
AdityaBSL Balanc95DP 23/03/201832.00
InvescoInd Contra 23/03/201832.50
InvescoInd Contra DP 23/03/201832.50
AdityaBSL IndOppor 23/03/201833.50
AdityaBSL IndOppr DP 23/03/201846.20
Reliance Equity Opp 23/03/201847.50
Reliance EquityOppDP 23/03/201847.50
Kotak Classic Eq 23/03/201847.78
Kotak Classic Eq DP 23/03/201847.78
AdityaBSL Balanced95 23/03/201851.00
Tata Money Market RP 22/03/20180.01
L&T Liquid DDRP 22/03/20180.01
Sundaram Balanced 22/03/20181.60
Sundaram Balanced DP 22/03/20181.60
Union AssetAllo DP 22/03/20183.61
Union AssetAllo DP 22/03/20183.61
Sundaram SmNifty100 22/03/20185.00
Sundaram SmNift100DP 22/03/20185.00
Union AssetAllo 22/03/20187.22
Union AssetAllo 22/03/20187.22
Union Equity 22/03/201810.00
Union Equity 22/03/201810.00
Union Tax Saver 22/03/201810.00
HDFC Small Cap DP 22/03/201810.00
Taurus Nifty IndexDP 22/03/201810.00
Union Small Cap 22/03/201810.00
Union Small Cap 22/03/201810.00
ICICI Pru IndRecS1 22/03/201813.80
ICICI Pru IndRecS1DP 22/03/201814.50
TaurusStashare(MC) 22/03/201815.00
Axis LongTermEqty DP 22/03/201815.00
Union Equity DP 22/03/201815.00
Union Equity DP 22/03/201815.00
TaurusStashare(MC)DP 22/03/201815.00
ICICI Pru Value S1 22/03/201817.00
ICICI Pru Value S1DP 22/03/201817.00
AdityaBSL Top 100 22/03/201821.00
IDFC Premier Equity 22/03/201821.73
IDFC Premier Equity 22/03/201821.73
IDFC PremierEquityDP 22/03/201822.48
Axis LongTermEquity 22/03/201825.00
HDFC Small Cap RP 22/03/201827.50
Sundaram SelecMidca 22/03/201830.00
Sundaram SelMidcaIP 22/03/201830.00
Sundaram SelectMidDP 22/03/201830.00
Union Small Cap DP 22/03/201830.00
Union Small Cap DP 22/03/201830.00
HDFC Equity RP 22/03/201855.00
HDFC Equity DP 22/03/201855.00
Taurus Nifty Index 22/03/201867.00
JM Equity 22/03/201890.00
Kotak Gilt Inv PF&Tr 21/03/20180.00
Taurus Liquid Ret 21/03/20180.01
Tata Money Market RP 21/03/20180.01
ICICI PruMoneyMarRet 21/03/20180.01
L&T Liquid DDRP 21/03/20180.01
AdityaBSL CashPlsRet 21/03/20180.02
Reliance Top 200 21/03/20181.70
Reliance Top 200 DP 21/03/20181.70
UTI Balanced 21/03/20182.70
UTI Balanced DP 21/03/20182.70
UTI Dividend Yield 21/03/20187.50
UTI DividendYield DP 21/03/20187.50
UTI Top 100 21/03/201827.00
UTI Top 100 DP 21/03/201827.00
JM Equity 21/03/201837.50
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